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Do you need a new story angle to breathe life into your destination or brand? Perhaps you’d like to change the perception of your destination? Or help travelers see something new, from a different angle? Maybe you want to share the more human and personal side of your destination, and go deeper into what makes you unique.

We are masters of observation and articulation.

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Featured Marketing Projects & Campaigns

Destination Digital Marketing, Content and SEO Strategy

Destination Positioning, Content and SEO Strategy


Digital marketing and positioning advisory for Moldova Travel, including assessment of online assets and developing an SEO and content optimization strategy to align with travel, search and digitalization trends. Funded by the USAID Edge Buy-In Moldova Competitiveness Transition Activity (MCTA).

Destination Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan

Rapid Website Implementation / Remote DMO Build-Out

Central Asia (Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan)

Executed rapid website design and content marketing strategy. Process served as strategic tool to drive destination asset inventory, positioning, and tourism product ideation. Informed destination identity and DMO build-out. Funded by GIZ.

Marketing Campaigns: Various Tourism Boards & Brands

Marketing Campaigns: Tourism Boards & Brands


Marketing campaigns and content creation with travel destinations and brands such as Failte Ireland, Visit Greece, Visit Scotland, Mexico Tourism Board, St. Maarten, Vienna Tourism Board, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Shangri-La Hotels, Air New Zealand, RailEurope, and more. Our focus: experiential, adventure, and the offbeat, even in popular destinations.

Marketing and Branding Campaigns

South Africa & Responsible Tourism

South Africa

Partners on the Meet South Africa tourism campaign with South Africa Tourism. Goal: highlight the country's diversity of cultures and destinations — to go beyond safaris. Road trip through Western and Northern Capes to learn about lesser-known regions. Presented results in digital marketing responsible tourism talk at INDABA in Durban.

Jordan Tourism Board: Arab Spring Campaign

Jordan Tourism Board: Arab Spring Campaign


First blogger partners in the Jordan Tourism Board #GoJordan campaign. Our focus: address safety fears due to Arab Spring concerns in the Middle East. We created blog and social media content that challenged prevailing stereotypes, addressed safety fears of Jordan as a travel destination, and focused on people and culture.

Botswana Okavango Delta

Botswana & Sustainable Tourism

Chobe NP & Okavanga Delta, Botswana

Partners on the #ThisisChobe campaign in Botswana highlight Desert & Delta Safari’s sustainability initiatives, community tour components, and benefits of a digital detox holiday through a series of articles and social media coverage.

UNESCO Campaign & Germany Tourism

UNESCO Campaign & Germany Tourism

Rhine Valley, Germany

Marketing campaign and content creation for Germany Tourism featuring UNESCO sites in the Rhine Valley and Ruhr Region. Resulting Rhine Valley content from this project also appeared in National Geographic book publication, Ultimate Journeys for Two.

Social Impact Travel Campaigns and Marketing

Social Impact Travel Campaigns

Peru, India, Nepal

Highlighted G Adventures social enterprise model and Planeterra Foundation programs through in-the-field observations. Our content and social media advocated for social enterprises in travel for trade and consumers. Highlights social impact travel delivering deeper experiences to travelers and bringing socio-economic benefit to local communities.

WTTC Sustainability Campaigns

WTTC Sustainability Campaigns

London, United Kingdom

Series of advocacy articles around the theme of “Travel as a Force for Good” for the World Travel and Trade Council (WTTC). Partners in “Redefining Tourism” and “Freedom to Travel” campaigns. Our content focused on benefits of sustainable tourism for local communities, travelers and the world through greater connection.

Social Impact Travel Photography Exhibition

Social Impact Photography Exhibitions

Berlin, Germany

Provided imagery, curation, copy and opening remarks for photography exhibitions focused on Women in Development — investing in women and integration of women into tourism value chain – for International Women's Day, ITB Berlin. Co-sponsored by G Adventures and Lonely Planet.

Social Impact Travel Product Positioning

Social Impact Travel Product Positioning

Tanzania, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil

Positioning, storytelling and evaluation of Planeterra Foundation social impact projects and social enterprise partners. Feedback on new local tour products to improve traveler experience and local connection. Positioning of G Adventures' social enterprise model, including market access for local organizations and community socioeconomic benefit.

Adventure Travel Ambassador

Adventure Travel Brand Ambassador

Various, Worldwide

Marketing campaigns, content creation and sustainability storytelling for G Adventures around its tour experiences, social enterprise model, and social impact travel. Advocacy and thought-leadership in responsible tourism, sustainable tourism, adventure travel, women in development, child welfare, animal welfare and the economic and social impact of tourism.

Ecolodge Digital Marketing Plan

Luxury Ecolodge Digital Marketing Plan

Playa Ocotal, Nicaragua

Assessment of product, operations and experience at Morgan’s Rock Ecolodge for integration of sustainable tourism storytelling, positioning and content marketing. Created a digital marketing and social media report and plan to reflect sustainability and integrate connection to local nature, people and family for visitors and staff.

Lanzarote: Positioning & Content Marketing

Lanzarote: Positioning & Content Marketing

Lanzarote, Spain

Sustainable tourism and cultural tourism content strategy and social media plan. Our work focused on the translation and mobilization of a newly developed Lanzarote marketing strategy which aimed to promote its local cultural and culinary experiences and assets over mass tourism offerings.

Social Enterprise Tour Development

Social Enterprise Tour Development

Berlin, Germany

Social impact tour product development. Development of “Deep Travel” branded product and tour in Berlin, Germany for Context Travel working with refugee support organization. Engagement included researching potential social enterprise and NGO partners, developing tour themes and key messages, and product positioning.

Lonely Planet Partnership

Lonely Planet Partnership

Various, Worldwide

Selected as inaugural members of Lonely Planet Trailblazers program. Cooperated on and contributed to marketing campaigns and projects with brands, destinations and travel companies. Digital marketing cooperation included creating destination concepts and serving as on-screen talent for Ford Motor Company branded video marketing project.

Alay Region Marketing and Product Development Strategy

Alay Region Marketing Strategy

Alay Region, Kyrgyzstan

Marketing strategy and implementation guidance for the Alay Region, Kyrgyzstan. Analysis of market segmentation, adventure travel trends, tourism supply chain, existing tourism products, promotion and online assets. Developed brand positioning and recommendations for new product development aligned with adventure travel trends. Funded by Helvetas.

New Trekking Destination Positioning

New Trekking Destination Positioning

Jyrgalan, Kyrgyzstan

Capacity building with Jyrgalan DMO and local stakeholders to develop destination positioning for new ecotourism and adventure travel destination. Advisory on new product development, promotion of adventure travel tours and DMO sustainability. Created a strong online presence and content marketing strategy. Funded by USAID.

Osh, Kyrgyzstan Destination Strategy

Silk Road Destination Development

Osh, Kyrgyzstan

Full destination assessment of local cultural, historical and culinary assets. Worked with Osh DMO and local stakeholders to develop a destination and marketing strategy. Results: new destination branding, development of cultural and culinary products and a strong online presence – all within one tourism season. Funded by USAID.

Tourism Product Development

Culinary / Cultural Destination Development

Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

Performed destination assessment of local cultural, culinary and natural assets in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. Worked with DMO and local stakeholders to develop destination and marketing strategy. Results: big shift in destination image, new cultural and culinary products and a strong online presence – all within one tourism season. Funded by USAID.

South Shore Issyk-Kul Destination Strategy

Regional Cultural Tourism Strategy

Lake Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

Destination assessment of existing and potential tourism products, travel market segmentation and value chain in the South Shore region of Lake Issyk-Kul. Drafted a regional destination plan, marketing strategy, product development plan. Created website aligned with leading adventure and cultural travel trends. Funded by USAID Business Growth Initiative (BGI).

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